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Enterprise Core Values: Mingde Lixin Inclusion and Transcendence

Mingde Lixin

Without faith, one cannot stand tall, and without virtue, one cannot understand. Virtue is the soul of an enterprise. Mingde is a noble realm that Pingyin Chengye people are committed to pursuing, and it is the cornerstone of the success of Pingyin Chengye. By actively practicing social fairness and justice, Pingyin Chengye shapes a social atmosphere of integrity, openness, and responsibility; The employees of Pingyin Chengye have achieved a respected and enviable professional life with good moral literacy and loyalty to the company.

The development of enterprises should adapt to the situation, keep up with the times, and break through the old and innovate. Under the trend of industry restructuring, Pingyin Chengye emerged like a phoenix in nirvana; In the tide of market change, the development of Pingyin Chengye should dare to break through and stand firm, and take advantage of the situation. Innovating in development and developing through innovation, Pingyin Chengye will surely embark on a unique path of energy development.

Inclusive and Beyond

The sea embraces all rivers, and the capacity is great. In the face of the current trend of economic globalization and cultural diversity in the world, tolerance and development have become the strong voices of the times, and tolerance will make the world "harmonious but different". Pingyin Chengye embraces all parties' relationships with a straightforward and open mind, forming a community of interests, a community of shared future, and a community of spirit. The integrity and inclusiveness based on Mingde will enable us to win endless markets and customers, gain loyal teams and employees, and accumulate the strength and advantages of support.

Heavenly movement is strong, and gentlemen strive for self-improvement. Pingyin Chengye stands at a brand new historical starting point, surpassing and becoming the main theme of enterprise development. Pingyin Chengye will continue to surpass resources, differences, regions, history, and the individual, constantly creating through transcendence.

Corporate Vision: To Build a Modern and Internationalized Aluminum Enterprise

Pingyin Chengye takes international advanced enterprises as the benchmark, sets ambitious goals, keeps up with the pace of the times, and strives to build a modern and international aluminum enterprise

Pingyin Chengye will introduce modern concepts, high realm positioning, high standard management, high starting point development, self pressurization, innovation and transcendence, and make breakthroughs in four aspects: technical equipment, product services, operation management, and talent team to achieve development, innovative development, and green development.

Pingyin Chengye will broaden its international perspective, implement the five major strategies of "big energy, big resources, big cooperation, big operation, and big synergy", leverage its scale advantages and synergistic effects, and enhance international competitiveness, social contribution, and sustainable development.

Corporate Mission: Devoting Green Energy to Create Humanistic Value

Faced with the global energy crisis and environmental degradation, sustainable development has become the best choice for the development of aluminum enterprises. Providing clean green energy for economic and social development has become the sacred responsibility of Pingyin Chengye. Pingyin Chengye closely follows the trend of green energy, develops a low-carbon economy, pays attention to energy conservation and emission reduction, and explores new areas of the aluminum industry; Actively assume environmental responsibility and achieve harmonious development between the aluminum industry and the environment.

While creating economic benefits, Pingyin Chengye adheres to people-oriented and scientific development, continuously enriches and improves cultural and social values centered on people, continuously improves the well-being of employees and society, and contributes to promoting social harmony and civilized progress.

Subitem concept

1. Development philosophy: Both traditional and new aluminum industries focus on both scale and value growth

Pingyin Chengye adheres to the development trend of low-carbon economy, green development, innovative development, and strives to establish advantages in the aluminum industry. Through resource integration and industrial expansion, it promotes industrial upgrading, enhances the scale of its main business, and promotes leapfrog development of the enterprise. Actively promote structural optimization and transformation of growth methods, increase capital operation efforts, broaden value investment channels, and achieve sustained growth of enterprise value.

2. Resource concept: limited resources create infinite

Without resources, there would be no aluminum industry enterprise. Boldly promote technological and management innovation, and develop the value of resources.

Establish a big resource perspective, continuously tap into potential, continuously innovate, fully utilize and make good use of various limited resources, and continuously create value for the enterprise. Deepen the quality improvement project, develop and reserve human resources; Implement value management to stimulate the cultural resources of the enterprise.

3. Operation philosophy: Optimizing precision management and collaborative efficiency creation

Optimize configuration, fine management, integrate relevant businesses, assets, personnel, and technology according to strategic positioning and industrial layout, implement a unified enterprise strategy, and improve control and operational efficiency.

Building an integrated human resource development, technology research and development, capital operation, and information management system, in accordance with the needs of professional operation, to achieve business collaboration and departmental collaboration, and improve execution and enterprise efficiency.

4. Talent Concept: Gathering the World to Cultivate Sincere Talents

A great cause gathers talents, and Pingyin Chengye adheres to the principles of openness, inclusiveness, and respect in employment. We open our doors to attract talents, recruit talents, optimize and enhance our talent structure, and create a multi-level and high-quality talent team.

Talents achieve brilliant careers. Pingyin Chengye emphasizes the cultivation of employee abilities, encourages employees to learn and grow, and shapes a team that is "capable of enduring hardship, dedication, and fighting tough battles", making "Pingyin Chengye People" a brand.

5. Philosophy: Life is priceless

Life is above all else. Management should be people-oriented, and paying attention to employee life and health is the starting point and also the foothold of work. Strengthen cultural construction, create essential enterprises, and create a safe life for employees.

The top priority of Chengye Enterprise is the fundamental guarantee of the labor achievements of all employees. Strictly implement the policy of "prevention first, comprehensive governance" to promote efficiency and pursue happiness.

6. Environmental Protection Concept: Accompanying Green Industry and Harmony

Pingyin Chengye takes the initiative to take environmental responsibility, permeates green thinking into every aspect, and strives to minimize its impact on the environment.

Pingyin Chengye actively aligns with advanced aluminum companies in the world, adopts stricter international environmental standards, and is committed to creating harmony between the aluminum industry, the environment, and people.

7. Responsibility concept: Contribute to society and achieve employees' success

As an aluminum enterprise, Pingyin Chengye actively assumes social responsibility, creates taxes for the country, and provides impetus for local economic development.

As an aluminum enterprise, Pingyin Chengye has the responsibility to provide employment opportunities for society, as well as the obligation to provide employees with a good working environment, welfare conditions, and personal growth space, helping them achieve their career aspirations and a happy life.

8. Integrity concept: Cultivate oneself, be honest, and prosper the enterprise

Good character leads to personal development. We always adhere to the core values of "being virtuous and innovative, inclusive and surpassing", live a clean life, do things cleanly, maintain integrity, and continuously enhance immunity; Effectively achieve self-esteem, self-love, and self alarm, build a solid ideological and moral defense line, and continuously improve personal quality and taste.

Only with a positive atmosphere can enterprises have hope. We carefully create a clean environment and provide a mechanism for restricting and supervising the operation of corporate power; Let employees not touch the "high-voltage line", not break the "warning line", not play the "edge ball", and not taste the "sugar coated bullet", and jointly create a transparent and harmonious "clean" aluminum industry enterprise.

9. Implementation philosophy: Implement orders and prohibitions with great force

When dealing with decisions, we must execute them unconditionally and never procrastinate. Daily work, do it today and finish it today; Faced with difficulties, only think of methods for success, not excuses for failure.

If there are orders, they will be implemented, and if there are prohibitions, they will be stopped. Execute instructions from superiors and act quickly without compromising; To implement the company's system, we must be serious and follow the procedures and procedures.

10. Service philosophy: Sincerity, sincerity, refinement, and excellence

If you put your heart into it, you will be moved. Service requires dedication. Treat and serve others with sincerity and enthusiasm. To promote oneself and others, empathize with others, win customer trust with sincerity, and gain customer recognition with integrity.

We always put our customers at the forefront of service, with a spirit of excellence, dedication and responsibility, and a professional service level, to provide customers with good service, and strive to exceed their expectations and establish a good corporate image.

11. Innovative concept: Good thinking, seeking change, creating new moons on the day

Innovation is an inexhaustible driving force for enterprise development, and innovation leads to a wonderful life. Every job and every link has space, encouraging employees to be innovative, paying attention to every detail, not letting go of any opportunities for improvement, and constantly refreshing their own and peers' existing achievements.

A moment of innovation, a little progress; Only by constantly innovating can sustainable development be achieved. Persist in improving a little bit every day and taking a small step forward every month, accumulating little progress to improve oneself, and integrating small innovations to make a leap forward.

12. Learning philosophy: Work oriented learning, work oriented learning

In the face of rapidly changing markets and rapidly changing technologies, only through rapid learning and self renewal can enterprises gain a lasting competitive advantage. Pingyin Chengye people should establish a lifelong learning awareness, treat work difficulties as learning problems, and improve their quality and work ability through learning.

We need to create a learning organization, create a learning atmosphere, view the work process as a process of learning, practice, and innovation, learn new skills and methods from work, promote the growth of professional knowledge, enhance understanding of work regularity, and improve work efficiency and effectiveness.

13. Cost philosophy: Win through frugality, win through careful calculation

Frugality is a virtue, and building a thrifty enterprise is an important part of corporate civilization. Frugality is not only a way for Pingyin Chengye people not to forget the hardships of entrepreneurship, but also a way for Pingyin Chengye people to operate. With proper investment and precise control, what is saved is profit.

Careful budgeting can ensure the success of business operations. We need to establish cost awareness, focus on financial budgeting, strictly control the process, make clever arrangements, spend no more money, consume no more electricity, use no more water, and seek benefits from details.

Corporate slogan: Pingyin Chengye, My Home

Advantage management and honesty as the foundation

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