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  • [Company News] Analysis of 1060 aluminum coil plate by aluminum coil manufacturer

    Aluminum coil manufacturers analyze 1060 aluminum sheet and strip, which has an aluminum content of 99.6% and is also known as pure aluminum sheet. It is a commonly used series in the aluminum sheet and strip family. The advantages of this series of aluminum plates are: the most commonly used series has a relatively simple process, relatively mature technology, and a huge advantage in price compared to other high-end alloy aluminum plates. Has good elongation and tensile strength, fully capable of
    Release time: March 30, 2019 Hits: 128

  • [Company News] Aluminum coil manufacturers explain the advantages and disadvantages of 3-series aluminum coil aluminum plates

    3 series aluminum plate manufacturer - alloy aluminum plate 3 series aluminum plate is currently a widely used first series aluminum plate in China. The main alloying element of the 3-series aluminum plate is manganese, hence it is also known as aluminum manganese alloy. At present, the commonly used 3-series aluminum plate grades in China include: 3003, 3004, 3005, 3A21, etc. Characteristics of 3-series aluminum plate 1
    Release time: April 2, 2019 Number of clicks: 176

  • [Company News] Aluminum coil manufacturers explain the difference between anodizing and conductive oxidation of aluminum alloys

    The aluminum coil manufacturer explains the difference between aluminum alloy anodizing and conductive oxidation. 1) Anodizing is carried out under high voltage, which is an electrochemical reaction process. Conductive oxidation (also known as chemical oxidation) does not need to be electrified, but only needs to be soaked in medicine. It is a pure chemical reaction. 2) Time required for anodizing
    Release time: April 1st, 2019 Number of clicks: 223

  • [Company News] Analysis of 1070 cathode aluminum plate by aluminum coil manufacturer

    1070 aluminum plate is a material used to manufacture structural components with specific properties, characterized by high plasticity, corrosion resistance, good conductivity, and thermal conductivity. Material name: 1070 Pure aluminum: 1070 aluminum plate has the characteristics of high plasticity, corrosion resistance, good conductivity and thermal conductivity, but low strength, not strengthened by heat treatment, poor cutting ability, and can accept contact welding or gas welding. Multi utilization
    Release time: April 5th, 2019 Hits: 957

  • [Company News] Aluminum sheet and coil manufacturer

    Our company's main business is deep processing of aluminum plates, patterned aluminum plate processing, aluminum shell processing, aluminum sheet metal processing, aluminum plate processing, aluminum plate cutting, aluminum plate punching, aluminum plate bending, aluminum plate spraying sales traffic signs, patterned aluminum plate toolbox, aluminum alloy toolbox. We are a well-known aluminum parts processing manufacturer, aluminum circular cake manufacturer, aluminum shell processing factory, aluminum label manufacturer, etc. in the industry. company
    Release time: December 24, 2019 Hits: 183

  • [Company News] Analysis of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Aluminum Corrugated Board by Aluminum Roll Manufacturers

    Aluminum coil manufacturers analyze the advantages and disadvantages of aluminum corrugated plates (1) Advantages: 1. Lightweight and high-strength: Ruiqiao aluminum tiles (pressed aluminum plates, corrugated aluminum plates, antique aluminum tiles) are made of high-quality aluminum coils, with a density only one-third of that of steel, light weight, and high strength; 2. Good weather resistance: Aluminum tiles (pressed aluminum sheets, corrugated aluminum sheets, antique aluminum tiles) have good corrosion resistance, are waterproof, moisture-proof, and maintenance-free, making
    Release time: November 24, 2019 Hits: 161

  • [Industry News] Aluminum coil prices: Aluminum coil manufacturers and aluminum sheet manufacturers make buildings more colorful

    Aluminum roll is an item that can be painted with multiple colors, and can add color to activities such as residential or large-scale exhibitions. It has good plasticity and mechanical processing, which makes it a material for architectural design. No matter how dilapidated the space is, aluminum coils can be lightweight
    Published on February 13, 2019 Hits: 131

  • [Industry News] What are the models of aluminum coil manufacturers? What are the different characteristics of aluminum sheet manufacturers? How to differentiate the price of aluminum coils?

    On June 11th, Hong Kong reported that according to industry sources in China, the price of alumina in China has decreased by more than 10% since January, and it is unlikely to turn around by the end of this year, as lower costs encourage refineries to increase output. Aluminum oxide is the main raw material for aluminum production, so refineries usually sell it to aluminum smelters. Aluminum is widely used from automobiles to
    Release time: February 13, 2019 Number of clicks: 134

  • [Industry News] The process of aluminum sheet manufacturers and aluminum coil manufacturers affects the price of aluminum coils

    A process used for aluminum alloy sheets with high yield strength and suitable ductility, especially for manufacturing automotive panels. This process involves casting an aluminum alloy that has not undergone heat treatment into a billet, which is then rolled through a series of processes to obtain the final specification of the plate. A better option is to produce recrystallization after subsequent heat treatment. Rolling steps include hot rolling
    Published on February 13, 2019 Hits: 128

  • [Industry News] The aluminum coil manufacturer tells you: Do you know what aluminum coils are used for

    The aluminum coil manufacturer tells you: Do you know what aluminum coils are used for? After cleaning, chromizing, roller coating, baking, and other treatments, the surface of the colored coated aluminum coil is coated with various colors of paint, namely the colored coated aluminum coil. Colored aluminum panels are widely used in aluminum plastic panels, honeycomb panels, insulation panels, aluminum curtain walls, louvers, rolling shutters, etc. due to their advantages of light weight, bright color, convenient processing and forming, and non rusting
    Release time: March 25th, 2021 Hits: 135

  • [Industry News] Aluminum coil factory tutor teaches you how to store aluminum coils

    After purchasing aluminum coils, please remember. Due to improper configuration, it is meaningless for oxidation reactions to occur easily in the condition of aluminum coils. We buy aluminum coils, and the aluminum coil manufacturer tells us where to place them. 1. Wrap the aluminum roll with plastic film, and if not allowed, place it in a place with desiccant. Students can absorb moisture from the air environment, effectively avoiding the problem of enterprise oxidation. 2
    Release time: May 6, 2021 Hits: 136

  • [Industry News] Aluminum coil manufacturers take you to understand coated aluminum coils

    Coated aluminum coils refer to products that are sprayed with color on the surface of aluminum coils, also known as colored coated aluminum coils and colored aluminum coils. The purpose of coating treatment is to have aesthetic effects in fields such as architecture, decoration, and home furnishings; The second is that the coating process and thickness are directly related to the product quality and service life of coated aluminum coils. The coating process is a key step in the production of colored aluminum coils, which directly affects the quality of the coating and the product
    Release time: July 7, 2021 Hits: 133

  • [Industry News] The aluminum coil manufacturer will tell you in what environment it is suitable for storage

    The aluminum coil manufacturer tells you what kind of environment it is suitable for storage: Currently, the usage of aluminum sheet in China is increasing year by year, and it has become a relatively important component in the sales of aluminum sheets and strips. Aluminum sheet has the characteristics of low density, long service life, and beautiful and bright appearance. In the power industry and chemical industry, it is used in large quantities. In order to make good use of aluminum sheet, extend the service life of aluminum sheet, and store aluminum sheet
    Release time: August 17, 2021 Hits: 102

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