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  • Several precautions for aluminum wafer packaging

    Four important points to pay attention to when packaging aluminum wafers: Firstly, when packaging, we usually choose well shaped racks for packaging, and the packaging should meet the storage and transportation needs; The well shaped frame is made of wood, and the upper and lower parts are composed of two wooden blocks. Regarding the height of the lower wooden block, it should meet the operational requirements of the forklift. The upper wooden block should be made into an arc shape corresponding to the roll diameter, and the upper and lower wooden blocks should be made with screws respectively
    Published on February 15, 2020 Hits: 197

  • Cleaning process and oil stain removal method for aluminum discs

    The cleaning process of aluminum discs and the method of removing oil stains. Method 1 for removing oil stains on aluminum discs: In order to reduce the sliding friction force of the digital control blade and material, it is required to use some emulsified oil. After the production and processing of aluminum discs, the remaining clean oil on the top cannot be easily wiped away, which requires special degreasing agents to remove. Common methods include immersion degreasing and self spraying degreasing
    Published on February 14, 2020 Hits: 169

  • Analysis of the pressing process of insulated aluminum coils

    Aluminum coil manufacturers analyze the molding process of insulated aluminum coils. Pressing refers to the process of pressing insulation aluminum coils into various types of pressed or corrugated aluminum plates through pressing equipment, including smooth aluminum coil pressing and color coated aluminum coil pressing. The products are widely used in equipment insulation, roofing, and wall surfaces. Insulation aluminum coils and color steel coils use universal pressing equipment,
    Published on February 12, 2020 Hits: 152

  • What factors will affect the price of insulated aluminum coils

    Analyze the factors that affect the price of insulated aluminum coils by aluminum coil manufacturers. Insulated aluminum coil is a metal product that is processed by casting and rolling mill through rolling, bending, and angle cutting, and then used for flying shear. With the development of technology, it has been widely used by people. Due to the increasingly widespread use of insulation aluminum coils, the types of products sold in shopping malls are also different, and the prices fluctuate and are not stable. Therefore, the formation of insulation
    Published on February 10, 2020 Hits: 219

  • How to clean stains when using aluminum coils

    How to clean stains when using aluminum coils? Nowadays, many local areas use aluminum coils. Some irregular insulation aluminum coil manufacturers may have some stains on the aluminum coils during product transportation due to external factors such as weather and traffic. How should users clean these stains when using insulation aluminum coils? 1. The relevant operators first use a lot of clean water to clean the board
    Published on January 11, 2020 Hits: 162

  • Colored aluminum coils in aluminum coils

    ① Sell various pure aluminum panels, curtain wall aluminum panels, and alloy aluminum panels (3 series, 5 series, 8 series) Aluminum plate for traffic signs, aluminum plate for billboards, aluminum alloy slides for traffic construction (60 #, 70 #, 80 #, 100 #), aluminum alloy clamping blocks, clamps, rivets, traffic signs (round, square, triangular) Special aluminum coil for pipeline insulation, anti-corrosion and rust proof aluminum skin, orange
    Published on January 1, 2020 Hits: 128

  • Aluminum sheet and coil manufacturer

    Our company's main business is deep processing of aluminum plates, patterned aluminum plate processing, aluminum shell processing, aluminum sheet metal processing, aluminum plate processing, aluminum plate cutting, aluminum plate punching, aluminum plate bending, aluminum plate spraying sales traffic signs, patterned aluminum plate toolbox, aluminum alloy toolbox. We are a well-known aluminum parts processing manufacturer, aluminum circular cake manufacturer, aluminum shell processing factory, aluminum label manufacturer, etc. in the industry. company
    Release time: December 24, 2019 Hits: 183

  • 3003 aluminum plate anti rust aluminum plate

    Our company is located in Jinan, Quanzhou City, with a superior geographical location and convenient and fast logistics delivery. Product focus: aluminum plate, aluminum tube, aluminum strip, aluminum foil, cold rolled aluminum plate, hot rolled aluminum plate, patterned aluminum plate, anti slip aluminum plate, embossed aluminum plate, anti rust aluminum plate aluminum coil (aluminum sheet), 1060 aluminum plate, reflective aluminum plate, alloy aluminum plate, aluminum coil plate, insulation aluminum plate, 3003 aluminum plate, aluminum rod, 5052
    Release time: December 12, 2019 Number of clicks: 128

  • Analysis of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Aluminum Corrugated Board by Aluminum Roll Manufacturers

    Aluminum coil manufacturers analyze the advantages and disadvantages of aluminum corrugated plates (1) Advantages: 1. Lightweight and high-strength: Ruiqiao aluminum tiles (pressed aluminum plates, corrugated aluminum plates, antique aluminum tiles) are made of high-quality aluminum coils, with a density only one-third of that of steel, light weight, and high strength; 2. Good weather resistance: Aluminum tiles (pressed aluminum sheets, corrugated aluminum sheets, antique aluminum tiles) have good corrosion resistance, are waterproof, moisture-proof, and maintenance-free, making
    Release time: November 24, 2019 Hits: 161

  • Patterned embossed aluminum plate, anti slip aluminum plate

    The application range of patterned aluminum plate is very wide, and it is a type of aluminum plate product that we often use. However, although we often use it, we may not have sufficient knowledge about purchasing patterned aluminum plate. In order to enable everyone to buy products that they are satisfied with, here are some suggestions for reference. 1. Carefully check the product model to avoid discrepancies between the model and specifications. For newly purchased products
    Release time: September 19, 2019 Number of clicks: 188

  • The cathode plate specifications are complete and can be customized according to the drawings

    Shandong Chengye Plate Co., Ltd., a comprehensive enterprise integrating aluminum and aluminum alloy business, is located in the south of Pingyin County, Jinan City, within a hundred miles from the provincial capital, Jinan, Mount Taishan, the first of the five mountains, and Qufu, a cultural resort. The transportation is very convenient. Its main products include aluminum and aluminum alloy plates, aluminum coils, aluminum strips, aluminum foils, aluminum rods, and aluminum tubes Products such as aluminum wires and ingots have undergone 200
    Release time: August 29, 2019 Number of clicks: 134

  • The main uses of aluminum sheets and coils in daily life

    Aluminum alloy plate, as the name suggests, refers to a plate shaped material made of aluminum alloy or aluminum alloy material. That is to say, it is a sheet shaped aluminum product manufactured by heating, rolling, straightening, or solution aging heat treatment of flat aluminum embryos&
    Release time: August 23, 2019 Hits: 270

  • Differences between alloy aluminum plates 6061 and 6063

    6063 aluminum alloy is mainly made of magnesium and silicon, and Chengye sheet aluminum has excellent processing and usage performance. It has excellent weldability, extrudability, and conductivity, excellent corrosion resistance, ductility, and is easy to polish. It is a common extruded aluminum alloy with excellent coating and anode treatment effect, and is widely used in engineering and construction materials, pipe fittings, vehicles, and platforms
    Release time: July 26, 2019 Number of clicks: 479

  • Characteristics and advantages of aluminum sheet and aluminum veneer

    Characteristics of aluminum sheet 1. Alloy aluminum sheet aluminum sheet is very lightweight, and steel is three times the weight of aluminum alloy. The aluminum sheet manufacturer of Shandong Pingyin Chengye Plate Co., Ltd. calculated the price per square meter, and found that steel and aluminum alloy are basically the same. 2. Alloy aluminum sheet and aluminum sheet are easy to process and form, saving time and effort in engineering construction, and reducing a lot of work difficulty for the construction team& NBS
    Release time: July 24, 2019 Hits: 190

  • Application and classification of 1060 patterned aluminum plate

    Shandong Chengye Plate Co., Ltd. 1060 patterned aluminum plate, with an aluminum content of over 99.6%, is also known as pure aluminum patterned plate, and is a commonly used series among family members of Xuzhou Aluminum Plate Factory. The advantages of this series of aluminum plates are: the most commonly used series has a relatively simple process, mature technology, and a great advantage in price compared to other advanced alloy aluminum plates. With excellent extension
    Release time: July 4th, 2019 Number of clicks: 194

  • 5 Advantages of Corrugated Aluminum Plate

    Aluminum corrugated plate, also known as corrugated aluminum plate, pressed aluminum plate, aluminum tile, etc. It is a product of deep processing of aluminum plates. The substrate of corrugated board is: high hardness alloy aluminum plate, which is rolled and cold-formed into various waveform shaped plates. The processed aluminum tiles are lightweight and have a density only one-third of that of steel. Advantages of corrugated board: 1. Corrugated aluminum board
    Release time: June 10th, 2019 Number of clicks: 487

  • Factors affecting bending cracking of aluminum plates

    Chengye Plate explains to you several main reasons and precautions for cracking of aluminum plates after bending: 1. The hardness of aluminum plates is too high, making them easy to crack. This requires selecting high-quality aluminum plates, mainly based on their alloy and condition. Usually, the comparison between the 1 series, 3 series, and 5 series is commonly used. The hardness of the 6 series and 7 series is too high, and they need to be annealed to the O state first
    Published on: June 6, 2019 Hits: 331

  • The difference between 1060-O state and 1060-H24 state

    Chengye Plate introduces the difference between 1060-O aluminum plate and 1060-H24 aluminum plate. 1060 aluminum plate belongs to pure aluminum alloy, with an aluminum content of 99.6%, and is a commonly used aluminum alloy. Good elongation and tensile strength make the inexpensive 1060 aluminum plate highly praised in the market. I often hear customers ask about 1060-O aluminum plate and 1060-H
    Release time: June 4th, 2019 Number of clicks: 566

  • Curtain wall aluminum plate

    At present, there is a misconception in the design and construction of curtain walls in the industry. Whether it is aluminum or stone curtain walls, the gaps between the exposed surface units of the curtain wall are coated with weather resistant silicone sealant, and the tighter the better. If you don't apply glue, he says you cut corners and cut corners. This concept has developed to this day in China's curtain wall industry, and in some homeowners and even many curtain wall technicians
    Release time: May 20th, 2019 Number of clicks: 146

  • Introduction to the functions of various series of aluminum plates

    Introduction to Aluminum Plate Manufacturers' Various Series of Aluminum Plate Alloy Aluminum Plate Functions: 1050 extruded coils, various hoses, and fireworks powder for food, chemical, and brewing industries. 1060 requires high corrosion resistance and formability in situations where strength is not required. Chemical equipment is a typical use. 1100 requires good formability and high corrosion resistance for processing, but does not require high-strength parts
    Release time: May 14th, 2019 Number of clicks: 202

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